sports and fitness

sports and fitness


A step towards a healthier and fit life

Club 29 has an array of sports that will engage your body and mind. Our over the top gym with personalised training, an expansive swimming pool, air conditioned badminton courts, table tennis, Squash Court and our rifle shooting range facility provides a safe, clean environment for all your sport and entertainment needs.


Starting From - 1,999/-

Pump iron, run on the treadmill, climb on the step-milland bench press at our fully- equipped gymnasiumin waked with separate hydro-therapy unitconsisting of steam and Jacuzzi.


1 Month Beginner Course - 2,950/-

1 Month Intermediate Course - 4,000/-

This athletic game is perfect for those who want to enhance their reflexes. Club 29 offer two state-of-the-art badminton courts housed in a completely air-conditioned enclosure in wakad.


LEVEL 1 - 2,500/-

LEVEL 2 - 2,758/-

LEVEL 3 - 3,127/-

LEVEL 4 - 3,363/-

Swimming combines exertion and exhilaration.
It is the ideal exercise for you, irrespective of your
age and expertise. Our swimming pool promises to refresh
and recharge you. Visit our swimming pool in wakad.

Table Tennis

Coaching (Per Month) - 2,000/-

Direct Playing (Per Month) - 1,500/-

For people who love playing table tennis, we at Club 29 have internationalstandard tables. The game will test stamina and fitness! As you chase thePing-Pong ball, you will break into a sweat and feel your judgement andconcentration improve. Visit our table tennis courts in wakad.


WEEKDAYS - 4,720/-

WEEKEND - 3,540/-

Where power meets speed; a game of squash will
have you running, leaping and diving for the ball.
Increase your strength and fitness with squash at
our squash courts in wakad.

Rifle Shooting

INR 350 For 20 Shots

Club 29 is the first club to offer an international standard
shooting range with 10 lanes. So get ready, aim, fire at our
shooting range in wakad.